Tennis Betting Information

Invented in England in the 19th century, Tennis has transformed from a game played with heavy wooden rackets on cricket lawns to increasing popularity throughout the golden years and into the Age of the Big Four. It is more popular now than it ever was, and has more exciting betting opportunities to go along with it.

Tennis is a favourite of punters because it is played all year round from the four Grand Slams, to various masters and plenty of opens to keep them busy. The competition is fierce and allows punters to match current form, historical statistics and play style to find which player they believe is the best bet.

BlueBet caters for betting on all four of the Grand Slams including the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open and all the most popular masters and opens throughout Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific.

Betting on Tennis with BlueBet is simple with wagers normally centering around bets on games, sets or the match. The most popular bets to make for regular games are picking the Match Result, picking the Match Result with a handicap on the favourite to win called a Game Handicap.

Punters also often bet on the winner of the first set and total games to be played in a match. BlueBet offers a great Outrights Market for every major tournament where you can pick your favourite player to win and sit back to enjoy the season.