Cricket Betting Information

Australia’s favorite sport is cricket. There's a lot to bet on in Cricket with cricket being shown around the globe almost all year round.

In Australia the major things to bet on are the Test series, where a team tours Australia and plays in a 3 or 5 test match series. There’s a 50 over one day series and an international Twenty20 series every summer as well. There’s also the Big Bash League which has grown in popularity with spectators & also from betting standpoint.

Cricket is similar in a sense to Baseball in the fact that there are a multitude of figures & statistics for a punter to sink their teeth into. Cricket betting is varied for other sports in the fact that a punter can bet on straight result as well as margins and cricket betting also allows punters to back individual feats such as Most Runs by a batsman, Most Wickets by a bowler which doesn’t happen in to many other major sports.