Basketball Betting Information

Basketball has been around since the 1800s, first thought up in the United States, and has since spread throughout the world. While fielding only ten players at a time, the technical skills, physical requirements and strategic teamwork required makes it a favourite game for punters to wager on.

With dozens of leagues around the world there are always betting opportunities for basketball fans. The NBA is basketball’s premier event, with thirty teams playing from October to June, it takes the better half of a year to find the best team in North America.

While not as widely known the Australian NBL also provides fierce competition for punters who want a more local league and has been gaining in popularity in recent years.

Just as serious as their American and Australian counterparts Europe has a multitude of world-class basketball leagues to bet on, from the most popular event the EuroLeague to Spain’s Liga ACB, there is no shortage of talent or thrilling competition.

Betting on basketball is similar to betting on football, with the most common wager involving the Point Spread which handicaps the team expected to win, meaning that if you bet on the favourite they must come out on top by a certain margin.

BlueBet offers a multitude of other popular betting options for basketball betting as well, including Money Line (picking the game winner), Total Points and player performance bets. For great value you can also try our Blueys Bets which roll together several different bet types and create an exciting package with great odds.