American Football Betting Information

American Football or Gridiron originated in the United States as a cross between soccer and rugby in the 1800s and has since become the national sport of America. Between its fervent fan base and the professionalism of its leagues there’s plenty of statistics and information for punters to draw from when making their decisions, making it one of the most popular sports to bet on around the world.

American Football’s premier league is the NFL, a competition of 32 teams that play a short season from September to December, a perfect replacement for AFL and NRL fans in Australia after their seasons end in September.

American football is not restricted to only the NFL however, with the NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association football league which fields some of America’s best up and coming talent and involves some of the most serious competition in the country.

Not to be discounted however is the CFL or Canadian Football League who take their football just as seriously as their neighbours down south and provide some exciting betting opportunities.

Betting on American Football is a simple process with BlueBet, which offers all of the most popular markets for games in North America including Money Line bets, Point Spread and Half-time/Full-time wagers.

BlueBet’s markets also include some other exciting options including the Race to 10 Points bet, which lets punter pick which team they believe will reach 10 points first, Last Team to Score and Highest Scoring Quarter.