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Card Verification

Card Verification

Card verification is an important part of our anti-credit card fraud security measures. BlueBet needs to verify you are the true card holder.

We currently offer the following options to verify your debit card:

CardFlow (online)

We can verify your card in 3 simple steps. BlueBet partners with Australian service CardFlow to verify your card easily and securely. This will not divulge any other financial or transactional information as CardFlow never shares account balances or transaction information. This does however mean less paperwork and less fuss. To use this option, navigate to the Deposit page and select Verify Your Card With CardFlow Here.

Email (

You can send a photo of yourself (a selfie) holding the card used to fund your BlueBet account. In order to achieve this requirement securely, please ensure the middle numbers of your card have been 'blanked out'. We only require the first 4 and last 4 numbers be visible, as well as your full name and the expiry date of the card. Please ensure the quality of the picture are of the highest standard and all relevant information legible.