Michael Sullivan is back with BlueBet

Press Release - 30th November

Big Betting bookmaker Michael Sullivan has launched a new Australian betting company to take on the wave of English corporate bookmakers who currently dominate the industry.
Sullivan is also returning to the betting ring in Sydney to compliment bluebet.com.au, the new online business.

“I really believe these big English bookmakers don'’t understand what the Australian punter is after and we will be offering a far more personalised service,” Sullivan said.
Sullivan was previously CEO of Sportingbet and Centrebet who were the biggest bookmakers in Australia at the time.

“Back when we started Sportingbet in Australia in 2002, we really gave punters an experience they hadn’t been exposed to before and we will be servicing all punters in the new business whether they bet in $1 or $100,000,” he said.
Sullivan said he also supported calls for the reigning in of gambling advertising during live sport.
“Watching sport is Australia'’s favourite hobby and I really don'’t think it needs to be littered with ads from all these pommy bookmakers,” he said.

“I said the same thing when I was CEO of Sportingbet and I really think some self regulation so Australians can watch sport without been bombarded with betting offers is a good idea.
Sullivan will have his first day back at Rosehill on Saturday for Derby day while bluebet.com.au is already up and running.


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