Sunday Feb 25
Mar 03 12:30 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 2.05
South Sydney Rabbitohs 1.75
Mar 03 02:30 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Sydney Roosters 2.25
Brisbane Broncos 1.65
Mar 07 07:00 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Newcastle Knights 1.40
Canberra Raiders 2.90
Mar 08 05:00 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
New Zealand Warriors 1.58
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 2.40
Mar 08 07:05 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Melbourne Storm 2.10
Penrith Panthers 1.73
Mar 09 04:30 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Parramatta Eels 1.47
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 2.70
Mar 09 06:35 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Gold Coast Titans 1.48
St. George Illawarra Dragons 2.65
Mar 10 03:05 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Dolphins 2.50
North Queensland Cowboys 1.53
Mar 07 06:30 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Sydney 1.55
Melbourne 2.45
Mar 08 06:40 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Brisbane Lions 1.35
Carlton 3.20
Mar 09 03:20 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Gold Coast 1.48
Richmond 2.60
Mar 09 06:30 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Greater Western Sydney 1.72
Collingwood 2.10
Feb 25 11:30 PM
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1.10
Draw 8.00
Sheffield United 67.00
Feb 27 06:00 AM
West Ham 2.45
Draw 3.40
Brentford 2.70
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Everton 1.85
Draw 3.60
West Ham 4.00
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Brentford 3.20
Draw 3.60
Chelsea 2.10
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Tottenham Hotspur 1.50
Draw 4.40
Crystal Palace 5.75
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Newcastle United 1.80
Draw 3.90
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3.90
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Nottingham Forest 5.75
Draw 4.50
Liverpool 1.48
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Fulham 2.70
Draw 3.50
Brighton & Hove Albion 2.40
Mar 03 03:30 AM
Luton Town 3.90
Draw 3.90
Aston Villa 1.80
Mar 03 11:00 PM
Burnley 3.60
Draw 3.60
AFC Bournemouth 1.95
Feb 26 04:00 AM
Philadelphia 76ers 2.50
Milwaukee Bucks 1.53
Feb 26 06:30 AM
Phoenix Suns 1.59
Los Angeles Lakers 2.35
Feb 26 08:00 AM
Indiana Pacers 1.98
Dallas Mavericks 1.83
Feb 26 09:00 AM
Washington Wizards 6.25
Cleveland Cavaliers 1.12
Feb 26 10:00 AM
Houston Rockets 2.90
Oklahoma City Thunder 1.42
Feb 26 10:00 AM
Golden State Warriors 1.86
Denver Nuggets 1.95
Feb 26 10:00 AM
Atlanta Hawks 1.97
Orlando Magic 1.84
Feb 26 10:00 AM
New Orleans Pelicans 1.57
Chicago Bulls 2.40
Feb 26 11:00 AM
Utah Jazz 1.36
San Antonio Spurs 3.15
Feb 26 12:00 PM
Portland Trail Blazers 1.70
Charlotte Hornets 2.15
Feb 26 12:30 PM
Los Angeles Clippers 1.44
Sacramento Kings 2.80
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To win
February 26 2024
12:40 pm
Diamond Lucy 3.10
Sparkingly 10.00
Time Bandit 2.00
Bonus Tempus 21.00
Ulysses Blue 4.80
Feng 0.00
Artieos 0.00
Don't Thinkaboutit 14.00
Mcdonald's Shoalhaven Hcp (C1)
To win
February 26 2024
1:15 pm
Martiniontheside 12.00
Stone Lizzie 17.00
Can Do Canto 6.00
O'so Demanding 2.15
Powerful Dolphins 26.00
Serenade Belle 19.00
Siovy Dane 3.70
Sneaky Won 34.00
Swinging High 10.00
The Country Club St Georges Basin Mdn Plate
To win
February 26 2024
1:50 pm
Forness 61.00
Good Once 5.00
Ohtani 0.00
Zillions 61.00
Absolute Power 2.70
Preordain 7.00
Rock Hard Love 2.25
Well Timed 3.30
Zouripper 4.20
Solomon Motor Group Mdn Plate
To win
February 26 2024
2:25 pm
Micon 12.00
Rubick Effect 34.00
Up To Me 2.45
Clever Cookie 0.00
Devgru 8.50
Flash Piper 41.00
Flying Dubawi 6.00
I Am Bodhi Blue 7.00
Miss Artfire 3.60
Timaru 23.00
Knk Builders Mdn Hcp
To win
February 26 2024
3:05 pm
Earl Of Devon 0.00
Open Sky 2.45
Kenichi 3.40
Sycamore 6.00
Flying Step 7.50
Impressiero 13.00
Long Memory 13.00
Melanin 34.00
Tillman 10.00
Kel Campbell Fuel Haulage Hcp (C2)
To win
February 26 2024
3:45 pm
Camerlengo 8.50
Fantini 29.00
Owl Witness 12.00
Discreet Miss 4.00
Pitavago 12.00
Missile Seeker 3.00
Insane Volt 15.00
Proud Image 6.50
Charlie Foxtrot 26.00
Diamond Lucy 0.00
Lighthouse Plumbing (Bm66)
To win
February 26 2024
4:25 pm
Geostorm 11.00
Seal Team Six 7.50
Ferrari Girl 3.50
Deni Gal 3.40
Prince Papa 12.00
Rhumbadu 9.00
Flying Flossy 6.50
Far Too Hot 15.00
Jewel Approach 0.00
Shoot 'Em Straight 41.00
Bomaderry Bowling Club (Bm58)

BlueBet’s Comprehensive Guide to Betting  Strategies on Thoroughbred Horse Racing


Welcome to the exciting world of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. As a passionate punter or a newcomer eager to explore the possibilities of horse racing, BlueBet, Australia’s premier sports betting platform, invites you to discover a world of betting options that can enhance your racing experience where we’ll navigate the nuances of Win Bets, Place Bets, Same Race Multi, Quinella, Trifecta, and Quaddie options, unlocking the keys to strategic betting success and maximizing your chances of a winning ticket.

  1. Win Bets: At the core of Thoroughbred Horse Racing betting lies the classic Win Bet. BlueBet offers punters the chance to predict the outright winner of a race, adding an element of simplicity and excitement to your betting experience. Whether you’re backing the favourite or seeking value in an long shot, the Win Bet option provides straightforward yet rewarding opportunities for every horse racing enthusiast.
  2. Place Bets: For those looking to play it safe and increase their chances of winning, Place Bets are a strategic choice. BlueBet allows punters to bet on a horse to finish in the top two or three positions, offering a more conservative but still profitable approach to horse racing betting. This option is ideal for punters who appreciate a higher probability of success while maintaining the excitement of the race.
  3. Same Race Multi: BlueBet’s Same Race Multi feature is a game-changer for punters seeking diversified and high-reward betting strategies. This innovative option allows you to combine multiple bets within a single race, maximizing your potential returns. Whether you’re predicting the winner, forecasting the first three finishers, or placing bets on a horse to finish in the top 4. Same Race Multi offers endless possibilities to elevate your horse racing betting experience.
  4. Quinella: The Quinella bet adds an extra layer of excitement for punters who enjoy predicting the top two finishers in any order. BlueBet provides a range of Quinella options, allowing you to select two horses you believe will lead the race, regardless of their finishing order. This dynamic and flexible approach not only increases your chances of winning but also intensifies the thrill of each race.
  5. Trifecta: For those seeking substantial returns and possessing a keen analytical mind, BlueBet’s Trifecta bet is the pinnacle of horse racing predictions. Challenge yourself to accurately predict the first three finishers in a specific order, and enjoy the substantial payouts that come with this high-stakes betting option. The Trifecta is the perfect choice for punters who relish the challenge of predicting podium finishers with precision.
  6. Quaddie: BlueBet’s Quaddie option adds an element of complexity and potential reward to your horse racing betting strategy. By selecting the winners of four nominated races, punters can enjoy significant payouts when their predictions prove accurate. The Quaddie is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their betting experience and explore the strategic dimensions of horse racing predictions.

Tips for Success:

  1. In-Depth Research: Stay informed about Thoroughbred horses, jockeys, trainers, and track conditions. BlueBet’s platform provides comprehensive statistics, form and insights to aid your decision-making process.
  2. Diversify Strategies: Mix and match your betting strategies by incorporating Win Bets, Place Bets, Same Race Multi, Quinella, Trifecta, and Quaddie options for a well-rounded horse racing betting experience.
  3. Strategic Same Race Multi: Utilize Same Race Multi to diversify your bets and increase potential returns. Combine different markets within a single race to maximize your profit opportunities.
  4. Stay Informed: Follow BlueBet’s blog and social media channels for the latest updates, promotions, and expert insights into Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Knowledge is key in the dynamic world of betting.


As you embark on your Thoroughbred Horse Racing journey with BlueBet, remember to gamble responsibly. BlueBet has a range of options to control you limits. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Win Bets, the strategic approach of Place Bets, or the excitement of Same Race Multi, Quinella, Trifecta, and Quaddie options, BlueBet offers a plethora of opportunities to enhance your horse racing betting experience. Dive into the action, stay informed, and let BlueBet be your gateway to a stratifying horse racing adventure.

Good Luck & Happy punting!

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