Sunday Feb 25
Mar 03 12:30 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 2.05
South Sydney Rabbitohs 1.75
Mar 03 02:30 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Sydney Roosters 2.25
Brisbane Broncos 1.65
Mar 07 07:00 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Newcastle Knights 1.40
Canberra Raiders 2.90
Mar 08 05:00 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
New Zealand Warriors 1.58
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 2.40
Mar 08 07:05 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Melbourne Storm 2.10
Penrith Panthers 1.73
Mar 09 04:30 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Parramatta Eels 1.47
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 2.70
Mar 09 06:35 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Gold Coast Titans 1.48
St. George Illawarra Dragons 2.65
Mar 10 03:05 PM
NRL Tel. Pr.
Dolphins 2.50
North Queensland Cowboys 1.53
Mar 07 06:30 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Sydney 1.55
Melbourne 2.45
Mar 08 06:40 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Brisbane Lions 1.35
Carlton 3.20
Mar 09 03:20 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Gold Coast 1.48
Richmond 2.60
Mar 09 06:30 PM
Toyota AFL Premiership
Greater Western Sydney 1.72
Collingwood 2.10
Feb 25 11:30 PM
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1.15
Draw 6.50
Sheffield United 19.00
Feb 27 06:00 AM
West Ham 2.45
Draw 3.40
Brentford 2.70
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Everton 1.85
Draw 3.60
West Ham 4.00
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Brentford 3.20
Draw 3.60
Chelsea 2.10
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Fulham 2.70
Draw 3.50
Brighton & Hove Albion 2.40
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Nottingham Forest 5.75
Draw 4.50
Liverpool 1.48
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Newcastle United 1.80
Draw 3.90
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3.90
Mar 03 01:00 AM
Tottenham Hotspur 1.50
Draw 4.40
Crystal Palace 5.75
Mar 03 03:30 AM
Luton Town 3.90
Draw 3.90
Aston Villa 1.80
Mar 03 11:00 PM
Burnley 3.60
Draw 3.60
AFC Bournemouth 1.95
Feb 26 04:00 AM
Philadelphia 76ers 2.50
Milwaukee Bucks 1.53
Feb 26 06:30 AM
Phoenix Suns 1.59
Los Angeles Lakers 2.35
Feb 26 08:00 AM
Indiana Pacers 1.97
Dallas Mavericks 1.84
Feb 26 09:00 AM
Washington Wizards 6.25
Cleveland Cavaliers 1.12
Feb 26 10:00 AM
Atlanta Hawks 1.98
Orlando Magic 1.83
Feb 26 10:00 AM
Houston Rockets 2.95
Oklahoma City Thunder 1.41
Feb 26 10:00 AM
New Orleans Pelicans 1.58
Chicago Bulls 2.40
Feb 26 10:00 AM
Golden State Warriors 1.93
Denver Nuggets 1.88
Feb 26 11:00 AM
Utah Jazz 1.36
San Antonio Spurs 3.15
Feb 26 12:00 PM
Portland Trail Blazers 1.70
Charlotte Hornets 2.15
Feb 26 12:30 PM
Los Angeles Clippers 1.41
Sacramento Kings 2.95
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To win
February 26 2024
10:26 am
Market Moves 0.00
Especial Digger 0.00
Black Spaniard 0.00
Aston Maddox 0.00
Delatite Beast 0.00
Twilight Style 0.00
Anaconda Riot 0.00
Ricochet Berry 0.00
Oriental Emerald 0.00
Oriental Aurora 0.00
February 26 2024
10:57 am
Dr. Falkor 0.00
Bushman's Prayer 0.00
Bern's Ability 0.00
Scenic Court 0.00
Speedy Riot 0.00
Keratin 0.00
Valkyrie 0.00
Aussie Chainsaw 0.00
Market Blue 0.00
Market Scooby 0.00
Byers Electrical
To win
February 26 2024
10:42 am
Perfect Treasure 0.00
Market Mate 0.00
Truvy Bale 0.00
Juice 0.00
Rogan Bale 0.00
Hillbilly Lass 0.00
Vinegar Chips 0.00
Raging Cable 0.00
Bugs 0.00
Small Demeanour 0.00
Elite Collars & Leads
To win
February 26 2024
11:13 am
Our Girls Shout 0.00
Apache Shout 0.00
Vacant Box 0.00
Stella Girl 0.00
Emerley Zoe 0.00
Rollin' Free 0.00
Al's Entity 0.00
Top Cat Video Gdr
To win
February 26 2024
11:38 am
Aston Nero 0.00
Soda Frank 0.00
Ayia Neighbour 0.00
Kensington Flyer 0.00
Uriel Bale 0.00
Matt Loch 0.00
Hartney 0.00
Twilight Hugo 0.00
Ando's Jae 0.00
Sam's Universe 0.00
Shepparton Classic Ht1
To win
February 26 2024
11:58 am
Destructively 0.00
Blimey Teddy 0.00
Dunach Fireball 0.00
Ablett Flyer 0.00
Myola Nick 0.00
Zygon Bale 0.00
Myall Ray 0.00
Aston Cornes 0.00
Ando's Jae 0.00
Sam's Universe 0.00
Shepparton Classic Ht2
To win
February 26 2024
12:17 pm
Aston Zoom 0.00
Donita Bale 0.00
Mackenna 0.00
Magical Star 0.00
Polly Rocket 0.00
Figure It Out 0.00
Tat Libby 0.00
Leroy's Girl 0.00
Sportsbet Matchmakers Ht1
To win
February 26 2024
12:37 pm
Misses Easy 0.00
Myall Sandy 0.00
Aunt Virginia 0.00
She's Reloaded 0.00
Aston Ping 0.00
Aston Apatite 0.00
Tat Leah 0.00
Lightning Jewel 0.00
Sportsbet Matchmakers Ht2
To win
February 26 2024
12:52 pm
Mist Fred 0.00
Euler Bale 0.00
Dundee Smokey 0.00
Maxed Out 0.00
Spectre Buster 0.00
Miss Daisy Lee 0.00
Scorching Boy 0.00
Mystic Brae 0.00
Lamonica 0.00
Impress Simba 0.00
Nagambie Gutter Cleaning
To win
February 26 2024
1:12 pm
Leo Giblet 0.00
Packham Silk 0.00
Carajillo 0.00
Nayeli 0.00
Irving Bale 0.00
Aston Cassidy 0.00
Spoiler Alert 0.00
Russian Berry 0.00
Yankee Girl 0.00
Janie Cabang 0.00
Shepparton Workwear & Safety
To win
February 26 2024
1:27 pm
Herd 'Em Up 0.00
Skye Rocket 0.00
Whiskey Road 0.00
Kraken Hook 0.00
Militant Storm 0.00
Post The Zipper 0.00
Twilight Jet 0.00
Blame Spencer 0.00
Delightful 0.00
Silliest Salmon 0.00
Rich River Become A Member
To win
February 26 2024
1:47 pm
Lucky One 0.00
Axedale Pirate 0.00
Crackerjack Maxy 0.00
Dundee Fidget 0.00
Riot As One 0.00
Yeah So What 0.00
Stefka 0.00
Our Dreamer 0.00
Pretty Reef 0.00
Pablo's Star 0.00
Hard Style Rico Stud

Elevate Your Greyhound Betting with BlueBet: Unveiling Profitable Greyhound Betting Options for Every Punter


Step into the heart-pounding world of greyhound racing with BlueBet, Australia’s premier destination for sports betting and gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned punter or a newcomer eager to explore the thrilling possibilities of greyhound betting, BlueBet is your ultimate guide. In this comprehensive article, we’ll navigate the diverse betting options, focusing on the profitability of Same Race Multi, Quinella, Trifecta, and the classic Win Bet. Let’s delve into how these options can maximize your excitement and potential returns.

Exploring the Win Bet:

The classic Win Bet stands as the foundation of greyhound betting, where punters predict the outright winner of a race. BlueBet provides a seamless platform for placing Win Bets on your favored greyhound, and with competitive odds and a user-friendly interface, the experience is both exciting and accessible. Whether you’re backing the favorite or opting for an underdog, the Win Bet option remains great choice, offering straightforward yet rewarding opportunities for every punter.

Understanding Same Race Multi:

BlueBet’s Same Race Multi feature is a revolutionary addition to the greyhound betting landscape, allowing punters to combine multiple bets within a single race. While the Win Bet focuses on predicting the outright winner, Same Race Multi enables you to diversify your strategy by combining various markets in one bet. Whether it’s predicting the winner, forecasting the first three finishers, or exploring different markets like picking a Greyhound to finish in the top 4, Same Race Multi enhances your betting experience, providing multiple avenues for profit in a single race.

Unlocking the Quinella:

For those who relish the challenge of predicting the top two finishers in any order, BlueBet’s Quinella bet is the perfect choice. Offering flexibility and excitement, the Quinella allows you to select two greyhounds you believe will dominate the race, regardless of their finishing order. This strategic approach not only adds an extra layer of thrill to your betting experience but also increases your chances of securing a winning ticket. The Quinella is a dynamic option for punters seeking versatility and potential profit.

Mastering the Trifecta:

As the pinnacle of greyhound race predictions, the Trifecta bet at BlueBet challenges punters to accurately predict the first three finishers in a specific order. While the Trifecta demands a higher level of skill and analysis, the potential rewards are substantial. It’s the ideal choice for punters who relish the challenge of predicting podium finishers with precision and aiming for significant returns. BlueBet’s Trifecta option adds an extra layer of excitement and complexity to your greyhound betting strategy.

Tips for Success:

  1. Comprehensive Research: Stay informed about greyhounds, their form, and past performances including their times they have run in previous races. BlueBet’s platform provides comprehensive statistics and insights to aid your decision-making process.

  2. Strategic Betting: Use Same Race Multi to diversify your bets and increase potential returns. Combine different markets within a single race to maximize your profit opportunities.

  3. Diversify Strategies: Mix and match your betting strategies by incorporating Win Bets, Quinella, and Trifecta options for a well-rounded betting experience.

  4. Stay Informed: Follow BlueBet’s blog and social media channels for the latest updates, promotions, and expert insights into greyhound racing. Knowledge is a key asset in the dynamic world of betting.

Conclusion: Whether you prefer the classic Win Bet or seek the excitement of Same Race Multi, Quinella, and Trifecta options, BlueBet is your gateway to a thrilling and rewarding greyhound betting adventure. With a diverse range of betting options, competitive odds, and expert insights, BlueBet ensures that every punter can maximize their excitement and potential returns. Dive into the action, stay informed, and let BlueBet elevate your greyhound betting experience.

Good Luck & Happy punting!

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