State of Origin Betting

Teams: New South Wales Blue & Queensland Maroons l First Game – Wednesday, Jane 3 2020

State Of Origin is a three-match series contested between NSW and Queensland that begins in late May and finishes mid-July. In 2020, the first match was to be played on June 3 at the Adelaide Oval but has since been postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

New South Wales are the holders of the series, having won Games 1 and 3 of the 2020 series. Each Origin series sees either New South Wales Blues or Queensland Maroons play two of their games at their home ground normally ANZ Stadium for NSW or Suncorp Stadium for Queensland however in recent years, one state has taken their home game to a neutral venue such as Melbourne (2018), Perth (2019) & Adelaide in 2020. The home team transfers every second year. In 2015 State of Origin football returned to the MCG.



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2020 State of Origin Fixtures

  • Origin Game One: Queensland vs NSW – Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 8.00pm AEST – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
  • Origin Game Two: NSW vs Queensland – Sunday, 21 June 2020, 8.00pm AEST – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
  • Origin Game Three: Queensland vs NSW – Wednesday 8 Juky 2020, 8.00pm AEST – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

History of Origin

Players are selected to represent the state in which they played their first senior rugby league game. This is where the name ‘State of Origin’ was first conceived. Prior to 1980 players were selected based on where the club team they were playing for resided. 1980 and 1981 saw the trial of the “State of Origin” match. From 1982 on wards a best-of-three match series has been played around the middle of the rugby league season for the State of Origin shield. Since its foundation, total victories for each side were once astonishingly even, however between 2006 and 2013 Queensland won every series

Rugby League Betting

Head-to-Head Betting

Head to head betting is perhaps the most popular bet type for State of Origin betting. In head to head betting, you are betting on the outcome of the match, win or lose.

Line Betting

Betting on the margins of victory in Origin can attract more attractive odds and higher dividends than head to head betting. If bookmakers decided on a line of -6.5 for Queensland, a bet on them would mean they would have to beat NSW by more than 6.5 points for you to collect.

First Try Scorer

This betting option allows you to choose which player on either team you believe will score the first try of the game. You can also bet on the last try-scorer in State of Origin games and most NRL games.

Man of the Match

Man of the match betting market is a great market for finding value. This is a growing market and more bookmakers are starting to offer this market through their betting apps and desktop sites.

Various Markets

You can bet on the Total Match Points scored in an Origin game, Winning Margin, Handicap, Exact Winning Margin, First Scoring Play etc. The huge range of markets available will ensure that there good odds on offer for all sports punters interested in State Of Origin betting.

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